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2002 Camry
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Hello everyone,, I'm brand new to the forum. I've had my camry for a long time now and never had a days problem. 6 years no CEL. Lately I've been getting the p0171. I cleaned the MAF with.... MAF aerosol cleaner. Drove it 40 miles and the light came back on

Instead of throwing any money at it I took some live data readings and wanted to see what everyone thought. I briefly checked what all the values should, if I'm not mistaken it looks like my 02 sensor is reading WAY off. Also the MAF seems to be barley fluctuating (which didn't really concern me since it appears the possible faulty 02 sensor could be the cause of that?)

Pictures of course are worth 1000 words. Showing bank 1 sensor 1 reading and bank 1 sensor 2 at 0.7 (which is normal?)

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Also here is the MAF. Isn't this supposed to be much higher? Each spike shown is holding RPMs at 2,000

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