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hey peoples. just though id post another junkyard mod:rolleyes: . i was in the market for a different spoiler cuz the paint on the factory spoiler was oxidizing and flaking off. so i found this spoiler and decided it was for me and it only cost 20 bucks.. its the factory spoiler off a 91-96 Saturn SC2 coupe(the ones with the flip up headlights). there everywhere at the junkyard on account of being such crap. i painted the spoiler my self which turned out ok for using adhesive promotor, spray paint and clear coat, but id advise using a pro or at least a paint booth. i ran into 3 problems with this.
1. the third taillight(which is requiered in my state) i relocated to the top of the rear window since i had the one from the factory spoiler.
2. the locations of the studs on teh saturn spoiler didnt line up so i drilled new ones.
3. i plugged the holes from the factory spoilers in the trunk and am about to either paint them or bondo them and repaint the whole trunk.

here are some pics of before and after.

donor car

third taillight relocation pic

its kinda gehtto but it looks great in my opinion, the spoiler fits the lines of the car much better then the stock one does and its a little more agressive. just thought id share. oh and webshots was being a bitch when i posted these pics so if the links dont work u can see the pics by going to the link in my sig.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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