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Cheap/good springs/shocks?

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i have a 1996 camry LE, i dont have too much money, but i need better springs and shocks than what i have, i fit 5 people in there, i'm less than 4 inches of the ground, i cant make it over city entrances anywhere, always bottoming out. help?
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Cheap and good? Those two words don't go together when you're talking about car parts.

Maybe cheap and DECENT is a better term you're looking for.
ok, whats better than stock suspension on my camry?
best combo = tokico blue dampers + eibach springs....i have the same setup and love it!:thumbup:
^ Prepare to spend $200-220 for Eibach and $80-90 a pop per strut.

Plus if you're not too keen on putting it on yourself, spend about $150-$200 for install...

About $800 on everything... is that a bit high?
u wont get anythin cheap if u want good, yea u be spendin 500+ unless ur rich then that would be cheap :D
Fuck it. Cut the springs and ride ghetto! :lol: :hammer:
Thanks guys, i figured over 500$ for the parts. something i'll save up for.
DO IT YOURSELF it's easy as pie. get everything by friday and you should be able to drive it by sunday. if you get those 5 people u drive around to help you it can be done in a day.
i said 5 people cause if i load my car, it goes very low. i can only think of 2 of my friends who would be able to help, but i dont have a good enough jack.
It seems like he's having a problem where his car is getting too low, so why are you all suggesting for him to lower his car? I mean I can understand that you guys are suggesting a stiffer suspension so that it doesn't drop as much when it's loaded, but the drop in the suspension setup itself negates that effect. My guess is that the Eibach springs provide a drop, no? And how in the world would cutting his springs help his problem of having too low of a car?

My proposal: RAISE your car and pretend that it's an off road truck or something. :lol: One of my buddies jacked up his ride an extra 20" or so. Wah hahahahahaha Monster Camry!!!
You will need to rent tools inorder to do that. If you regularly have friends riding...You're in trouble and if you get a kit, it will scrape like hell.
Get some Bilsteins - adjustable but not cheap
Coilovers? Adjustable suspension by just a switch and it gives you pimp ass handling. It just costs about 1500 bucks..:(
is there any air compressed suspension? i saw a Gen3 camry on with custom air compressed suspension, do they make such a bolt on for the gen 3?
MadDawg said:
is there any air compressed suspension? i saw a Gen3 camry on with custom air compressed suspension, do they make such a bolt on for the gen 3?
its gonna run you about 2500 +/- 500 depending on installation cost. they do make air struts for camrys. if you ever plan to go with engine performance though, forget about air ride. ive seen those performance air suspensions though, those are badass :thumbup:... too bad they dont make any for camrys :(

put some bigger rubber stoppers on the struts maybe, and if youre going to fit new springs yourself, try not to hack at the front too hard with the strut out... we did that, the halfshaft came out and spend 3 hours finally getting it back in with a big wooden log (smashed it back in).
Go with the very common and trusted Tokico/Eibach combo. I like mine.
what are the specs on your camry cause if you have a problem wit it sitting too low when you have pasangers. may i suggest using v6 wagon springs?
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