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Check Engine Light On (2001 Corolla)

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I know this light could mean several things but as far I'm sure it also can be a loose gas cap. I just filled up gas 2 days ago and saw this light while driving back today. When I got home, i tightened the cap to around 5-6 clicks more and started the car again. The Light was still on. First of all, does it require immeidate attention from the tech? Also, if it was a gas cap problem, does the light immediately go away or does it take a while?

Any estimated repair costs on any other problem like O2 Sensor and such would be higly appreciated.

PS: The car has around 56K in mileage. Thx in advance.
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Check engine light problems can vary from low cost to expensive.

The codes typically do not require immediate attention as the alt or oil pressure lights.

If the gas cap no harm will be done to the car but the fuel tank is emitting gasoline fumes to the atmosphere instead of the engine burning them.

If an O2 sensor longer term operation with a bad sensor can lead to converter failure due to lean or rich fuel mixtures.

The easiest route is to get any codes read out.

In the US many autoparts stores will read the codes for free or loan out a reader, do not know about Canada.
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Thx for the reply.

Any estimate on how much an O2 sensor replacement costs?

Gonna head out to a mechanic to get all codes read out. Hopefully its not too serious as it hasn't even been 5 months since we purchased it.
If you do the labor yourself, 50 bucks for the cost of the O2 sensor. I'm talking US dollars though.
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