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Check engine light on

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Last night while driving for about 10 minutes, my check engine light came on. To be on the safe side i turned around to come home and it turned off while on the way home. popped the hood, checked the fluids, all was ok except the radiator fluid was near empty so i refilled it. I didnt think this was the problem but wasnt sure.

Today on my way back to work from Subway it came on again. I don't really wanna get overcharged for something simple at a mechanic. How exactly does the diagnostics work?
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The problem with this is that it can be many things ! It can be one of your 2 O2 sensors (common problem, in this instance I think oem parts are best...) but many other things as well. A diagnose needs an appropriate tool that not everybody has. You could get an odbII one (depending on your car's year) for +/- 50 - 150 USD on ebay I would think.
I would perhaps first think of changing the O2 sensor(s) if they haven't been changed for a long time ...

Good luck !
take it to autozone! theyll find your problem!
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