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1983 SR5 4wd truck
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Hi all. New guy here with a 96 4 Runner LTD V6 4wd that runs great but the Check engine light is on. Looking for some help in resetting it, if that's possible. I'm due for a smog check and I know they won't do it if the light is on.
Background: my 19 y/o daughter has been driving it, and one day she accidently grabbed the t-case shifter instead of the tranny shifter and pulled it back half way to neutral. The truck was running and in Park. It made a "funny" sound, like grinding gears, she said. She came in the house to get me, and I figured out what she had done. No biggie, I thought. I put everything back where it should be and she was on her way - except that the CEL came on. Wierd.
It has about 125k miles on it, and again, it runs fine. Not sure why the light came on in the first place and it's been on for a few months. I was hoping it would go off after a certain number of starts (is that a myth?), but there must be a code that's causing this.
Any help would be appreciated. It seems as though "Sidney" is a walking encyclopedia of Toyota issues.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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