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check my BMW lights and front Lip and custom sub box on my 4th gen Tercel

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I did my fiberglass sub box a month ago, Not good cause it was too could so it took a while :sosad:. Also I just install my Beamer lights over the weekend and my lip today. I say it's a nice and clean look :thumbup: but let me know what yall think. Oh yeahhh I still gotta custom a set of eyelid for the lights but I'm gonna have to wait for later cause it's too cold to do it. Here's the link to my ride so far:

Reply and give me your comments.:D

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You have a slight gap, but not bad. Good job. Welcome to the site.
The gap will be fix cause I'm not done yet. Right now I only have 4 screws on it. During the weekend I will put bolts on it to make it come closer. thanks

How much work was it to get those headlights in there?

Nice work.
It was one of the easiest headlight swap that I've done so far. I've endup making a covers for the lights that had the gap. I took my time on it to line it up, so it took me about 3 hours.

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