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I don't like the gas cap hanging down against my paint, whenever I put
gas in the car. It puts too many scratches/scuffs in my paint. I
thought about removing the leesh, but I don't want to lose my gas cap.

So, I came up with this idea, received patent/trademark pending
protection and decided to call my invention The GasCap Caddy™.

Check it out. Take care.

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Great idea! I wish you much success and many millions.

Do you mind if I ask how much you spent in developing
the product?

Also, if car manufacturers suddenly decide to sculpt
a tiny, built-in hook as part of the molds of their gas doors
**without consulting you**, will you be able to file suit
against them successfully? I hope so.

True, their hook will be part of the door's mold (ie,
sculpted into the door)--instead of your idea, which is
a hook that is added to the door with adhesive, but
the principle is the same.

Every car will have one(!) and soon you'll be sunning
yourself on San Tropez!

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Thanks for the well wishes. You're right, some vehicles do some with
something similar. Some have a leash and some have nothing at all -
even within a particular manufacturer it can vary between makes/models.
Thankfully, not all cars come with a caddy device, in fact most don't.
The beauty also being that whether you have a leesh or not (no caddy
or clip) The GasCap Caddy™ can work for you.

Of course, I hope to get the priving cheaper with my next run. Cutting
in half each time, based on quantity ordered, etc. etc. Being one
guy, and this being the introduction, it's also a matter of recuping
some investment until I can get the quanities rolling/working to reduce
the overhead and price.

Take care, have a great new year.

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My 94 Camry, 04 Camry and 05 Corolla all have a factory saddle or clip
inside the gas cap door to hold the fuel cap while fueling. Just FYI.

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well, This being a Toyota group you aren't going to make many sales.
Toyota for some time has had a holder built in and most models also
have a tether that keeps the cap from falling if you don't put it in
the holder - I'd guess you are 10 years late for this group


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I am surprised you can get a patent on this idea. With one exception
every new car I have purchased in the last 14 years has had some sort
of device for holding the gas cap away from the side of the car. The
one exception has virtually no room inside the fuel door for any sort
of protrusion from the back side of the door, which is why I assume
they didn't include one from the factory. I do have one older vehicle
(1992 F150) that could benefit from your deivce. Howerever in 14 years
of filling the tank, there is not a single scratch where the cap hangs
(wish I could say that for the reat of the truck - seems like the fuel
door offers some sort of magical protection).

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