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check out my new mod b*tches!

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custom roadkill hood ornament :whatwhat:
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Heh. Sweet mod. Cats dig engine heat. Toasty.
I have no car said:
^ his car is a pussy magnet :D
yes, it attracted all kinds of pussies.... even wet ones :naughty:
haha hot!

man are those accord headlight unit's popular now a days? i've been seeing them on a ton of accords around my campus. I definitely think they look good, but more importantly, give a great amount of light output.
i hope its your cat... then its legit. if its a stray pwn it :lol:
dysk8forlife said:
i hope its your cat... then its legit. if its a stray pwn it :lol:

awwwwww, that soo cute. was that your cat? if not u should keep it. it like your car
not my cat :bash:

my friend snapped the pix when i was at work, so i'm goin hunting this week for the cat... somehow, it really loves my car... i don't drive it, so the hood's not warm.... but the only car i see cat prints is mine!! my celica and other neighbors' cars never have any prints! :headbang:
PWN IT!!! :lol:
Well, I'll tell you why the cat loves your car so much. Its the SAME COLORS AS IT!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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