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Check out my pics!

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Nothing special except sc, just like all other V6 cams.
dang large pics
apperantly he is actually russian, and those arent fake plates.
nice looks really clean....
Nice... that must be pretty unique over in Russia! How available are aftermarket parts over there?
I dig man, very nice looking cam, i really like the dark look
be proud of your s/c not many of us have them here in the states!
Camry with sc in Russia is really unique - there are only some ot them here, the aftermarket parts are no problem, the only thing - are bodykits - they are available for any car except camry and it costs too much to order them from the USA or Japan.
Don't dog the car man, just because you don't like the stock look.......BTW Clean looking Cam, and to ask the question that has already been asked how hard is it to get aftermarket parts over there?

Roman said:
Nothing special except sc, just like all other V6 cams.
There are lot of shops selling aftermarket parts in Russia, but most of them order parts from the USA or Japan, so I should pay for the interational delivery and customs.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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