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Check out these wheels!

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Came across these on another forum and I just had to share it with you guys. :lol:

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lol....who wants to buy my Bolex while they're at it....haha...

but in all seriousness....nothing wrong with long as they don't try to pass themselves off as real

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I think the gold/chrome would look nice on the right car. For instance if the car was black with gold trim or striping. Otherwise, I think I would stick with chrome or black.

I have a stupid question you guys may be able to help me with. I am strickly a truck and motorcycle guy so I don't know much about low profile tires and. I bought my wife a Celica GT convertible last year and it came with a set of 17" wheels plus the stock ones. They are a seven spoke aluminum rim and have what looks like a red M on the center cap. However, the M has a line over it leading me to believe it may actually be a W. Can anyone tell me what kind of wheels they are?

Here is a picture.

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