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Check out this Ebay AE92

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:argh: I hate it!!! I think im going to be sick:disappoin
Exterior is not bad, I've seen worse :lol: Those drum brakes GTG yo! :wowza: the wheels don't look too bad with the car and the drop looks nice.

Interior.. :wtf: 7inch screens as elbow supports :ugh3: White upholstery looks Meh! and the motor, it's a the almighty carburated 4AF!!! :wowza: I guess they ran out of money to swap even a 4AFE, that car is probably slow as hell with all that weight. :disappoin
WHOA! who would buy that thing for 6K?!!

But I am actually sort of digging the paint and tailights.

I do love the "sweet dream" on the windshield though lol.

and the 4 speakers directly behind the drivers seat.
Wow, and I thought I loved my cars...I wonder what went through that guy's mind? "I'm gonna sink $10K into an 18-year old, bottom-of-the-line coupe... *sigh*

But yes, the exterior isn't too shabby.I wish I could afford a new paint job!:lol:
i feel bad for that guys pocket book...
thats just scary you gotta wonder with that kinda drop in the ae92. lol i wonder if that 4af has enough hp to push those big wheels
I agree the body work looks pretty good, I'm just not too sure about the world's loudest blindspot in the back seat.

BTW I think its a chick car because I don't know too many dudes who would embroider the word Angel in their headrest.
epyon22 said:
thats just scary you gotta wonder with that kinda drop in the ae92. lol i wonder if that 4af has enough hp to push those big wheels

No. It doesn't. I put 17"s on my SR5 and accelleration was a joke!
at least he could have put a 4age, and rear disc brakes
exterior looks alright, body kit is a bit ricey, but i love the color, ditch the rear loovers, tone down the interior a bit and put a real engine in it and it would be alright.

I put 17in wheels on my 4afe and you can feel it rob some power and it hurts your braking. i'm going to a lightweight volk or 5zigen wheel this summer 15in.
Where the hell did he find louvers for it anyways???
WTH makes the bodykit ricey?
I think the body kit is VERY nice and compliments the lines well. And the rims look good on it... and if the interior was black or something, with less TV's... it would look awesome too. Oh yah... and something with more than 80hp would be nice too :p
Personally I like everything about the car EXCEPT the Sweet Dreams on the window, and the steering wheel would HAVE to go and the exotic car club on the engine... oh ya and the screens, i hate tv screens in cars!! (gps is ok though)
TV screens in cars have one upside: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. Anyone stupid enough to watch one while driving will certainly be dead in short order.

Hopefully he won't hit me while watching it...:lol:

Who in their right mind would do such a thing? Yes, definitely the same person who watches a small TV screen in their door, while driving? They can't even spell correctly. I would pay more for the same car in its original factory form, which is maybe $1,000. I wonder how much weight was added to the vehicle. It is too bad they sunk the money into this instead of buying a newer car.
freakinbox said:
at least he could have put a 4age, and rear disc brakes
I have to agree. :) I would have spent the money on the engine and the brakes instead of the stereo and tv's. Thats just ridiculous to have that many speakers in such a small space. The body work/ body kit was nicely done and its very clean along with the seats, but some of the other add-ons were a waste of money. With the added weight and having a 4af the car is probably pretty slow on take off.
Pretty slow? My 4af in my optionless SR5 is pretty slow! I can only imagine with 1000# of extra stuff!
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