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Hey everyone,
I just recently bought a 2004 SOLARA SE V6, actually a week today... and can you believe i have had TWO stone chips in TWO days !!! They both were done on hwy 401. I can't believe my luck.

Anyway, i plan on getting one of those wind hood deflectors for the front of the engine hood. Does anyone know wether this will help divert some road debris from hitting my windsheild in the future?

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its probably cheper to change your comprhensive deductible to 50 dollars, and pay 50 every time your 250 dolar windshield needs replacement.. BTW i work at AIG car insurance

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Those plastic hood deflectors are really designed to force little things (bugs) to flow over the windshield. They don't even work all that well with bugs so I wouldn't expect any effect on something heavy.

And now the good news. Some insurance companies will pay the entire cost (no deductible) of a chip repair. It's a lot less expensive if caught early than windshield replacement when the chip turns into a spider web then a full fledged crack.

Geico has come through for me repairing several chips. Your insurer may do the same. Can't hurt to call.


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That highway is notorious for road debris and flying rocks. I tend to avoid traveling behind or around big rigs or gravel trucks as they tend to kick up all the little pebbles off the ground. As for the deflector, no it won't help much. I suggest you get those chips in your windshield repaired ASAP before the crack starts to spread and cause more problems.

I recently had a stone chip in my windshield repaired at Speedy Glass. The out of pocket cost shouldn't be that much.
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