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choking/bucking under boost

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O.k I've had so many problems with the car since I got it... nothing pocket deadening... but my knucles are plenty cut up

I'm starting to think that maybe my timing may still be off. I adjusted it a few days ago but I have a few questions.

1. If timing belt jumped a tooth, will resetting the timing at the crank do anything?

2. how much do shops typically charge to change a timing belt

3. what else could cause the car to buck when boost comes on, you can barely feel the boost but the car starts to shake, and act almost like if its going to stall under boost...

also the car feels incredibly slow when off boost, i mean I know its not supposed to have incredible low end power... but the car almost feels undrivable... sometimes I am afraid to make left turns on 4way lights because i'm afraid the car wont pull or will just crap out on me halfway. I'm really concerned, I've invested so much time into the car and a little over $1,000 in repairs so far...

4. could it be something more serious such as a blown hg, or maybe extremely low compression? When I adjusted the timing it was off 5 degres... and the car ran a little better after that but still noticeably slow.

Car is 100% stock besides a stage 4 turbohose kit. also waiting on toyota to get a new VTV as right now I am running w/ a one way valve that a friend gave me.

Can someone help me calm down before I have a nervous break down and sell my car

Forgot to add that all ignition components have been replaced.

oh yeah, car is running very ritch... you can smell and see the gas burning up

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^ Thanks for calming my nervs :)
how is ur exhaust manifold??...any leaks??...i use to get slight hesitation when my manifold was leaking....
MRQ, I chatted with him at length last night on AIM.

He is driving with one-way check valve in place of the VTV which I am sure is causing most of his problems.
From there I would be concerned about his hose kit install ... it is soo easy to get leaks there (especially under boost).
Ahh thanks for the help guys but it turned out to be something sooo simple...

<~ actually kind of embarassed

I didn't adjust the timing correctly... I took the car to a local well known guy (Tony, SFL) he adjusted it in little under 20 min... car was pulling perfect :)

oh and btw JekylandHyde:

About the 700hp MR2 I mentioned, I spoke to him today about it, actually got to sit in it and get a good look at it. The setup is something like this:

Trunk mount intercooler
forged axels
fully built motor (not sure to what spec)
custom intake mani

wish I would have asked more but I was bothering him right before he left his shop... I can tell you that the car is mean... but he told me his power levels are closer to 680hp... he plans on going to the race rock meet in november so I guess all in doubt will see it then... If my financial problems are solved by then I will attempt to drive up w/ him as it is looking like it will be a very interesting meet :)
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