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Finally decided to go with the 17" upgrade.

Looking for a particular style to fit the look I want has me looking into some Drag - Kyowa - Enkei - Sport Tuning

Only wheel company I know of and have seen and heard positives on is Enkei, but right now, style wise I am leaning towards a couple of Drag choices.

Budget is a consideration, but wanted some input from anyone offering regarding specific companys (forged - casted etc)
Thanks to anyone who can help.

Tires I am going to go 215/55/17. Probably won't run these during winter, but want to go with a durable all-season performance tire anyway.

Thanks gang

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Hello Tj,

Maybe we can help. Drag Wheels are great wheels for the money. They are one of our top brands. Drag Wheels are cast and people who are looking to save weight may consider something forged instead. A lot of people don't have the budget for something forged though. We stand behind all the products we sell and we guarantee the lowest delivered price. If we can help you with your wheels and tires please let us know. Fastest way to get ahold of us is on the ringer You can reach our sales and technical staff at 1.888.459.4080. We are currently running $50.00 off any 4 wheels and Shipping to NY is always Free.

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