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Chrome headlight trim (wonder how they look)

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Chrome headlight trim

Chrome trunk lid trim

Was browsin around eBay and saw these... i guess it depends on the color of the car
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and how much chrome you already have on the car. IMO it's not worth it.
That guys is making money on Shipping.

$9.99 for the tail Trim and $20.00 for shipping.

It's a bait scheme. A small peice of trim does not require $20.00 to ship. I hate those guys.
I would be interested in it if it wasn't a rip off in my opinion.
Self adhesive back. That shit will fly off sooner or later. Give it a couple months
^^ you make more money when you have a higher shipping cause ebay doesn't charge fees on collected shipping $$. Its really just part of the cost of the part (usually). I'd say don't get it. Maybe it'll work on a gen 4.5 cause the chrome grill trim
yea i was wondering myself just to see how it would look. not for my car tho.. i think someone should photoshop it. i would do it but i suck at photoshop

maybe on a black car, but beyond
i actually saw camrys with those on in Cambodia when i was over there this past summer. the headlight ones caught my eye and looked good from far away, until i got closer and they looked tacky and cheap.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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