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Chrysler on track!

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I like both sides of the story, or the coin :lol:

SO....since there have been lots of bad news and stuff about chrysler recently, ....dont know why ;), I´ll share good stuff

Chrysler on track, boss says

Automaker has made an operating profit since its purchase by Cerberus, President Press insists.

A statement from Cerberus also said Chrysler lost less than the reported "$2.9 billion during the course of the year" and that differences in the calculations are because U.S. and international accounting rules vary.

In a statement, Cerberus echoed Press and said that any differences in calculating Chrysler's financial results were tied to variances in U.S. and international accounting rules.

"Cerberus is confident that (Chrysler senior managers) are taking the right steps to bring Chrysler to profitability, and is pleased that Chrysler has not only been meeting but in many cases exceeding all key metrics," the statement said.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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