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circuit city bs?

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i was at circuit city yesterday for my job interview...haha...and i decided to hit up the car audio department. while i was there someone was purchasing there headunit...and the salesman told them they might want a special thing to bypass the factory amp to make the sound clearer. i forgot the exact name, but is this just some piontless bs? or is this a really recommended upgrade? this is the first time i heard of it so idunno.
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its possible... many cars came with some factory amps and crossovers that were POS. Depending on the current sound it has, it may need it. IMO
Yeah, it's not BS. When circuit city installed my head unit (never again will I let anyone touch my car but me) they didn't bypass the stock factory amp... losers. Had to take it back and get them to do it the right way (my stock amp was pushing 8Ws of power! can I hear 8W!!! wqoo woo!)
word, whats the thing called then? - would i need one? i had the premium sound system for the camry...and i think the camrys have a factory amp?
eh im a little late but its completely true that they should bypass the factory amp... in which case they would probably charge an extra $20 but it would be worth it.
if it were me.. i would just run seperate lines for your speakers and hook it up that way..... no need to worry about all the seperate components in your car.... but then again i'm ghetto like that :lol:
s6arface,, Did you get the job, i am trying to get into circuit city also, know any tricks on how to get in?
nah, i have another interview on the 15-16th, cause the store director is on vacation. i might just end up screwin the job because i jus found out a couple of my friends work there....and the only reason im workin there is for discounts...haha
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