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Cleaning Camry SE Interior

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I am pretty good @ keeping my Car clean, however my interior needs some love.
Here is my dilemma: The interior fabric is a waffle pattern that captures dirt and lint like a magnet.
I have used a lint roller and fabric brush, but I want to get it really clean.
Any suggestions?
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Carpet & Upholstery extractor machine with a quality fabric cleaner. Vacuum thoroughly first.
Hey widow's son,

Have you tried using a really powerful vacuum? Is the fabric dirty or just full of lint?

Look forward to your reply,

Justin it is dirty and full of lint. I can get the lint off using a lint roller, but the dirt seems embedded into the fabric.
dont you know youre not supposed to sit on your seats? theyll get dirty!!
LMAO white07cam
I had to buy a backseat cover to go under my baby's carseat.
Hey widow's son,

Try This: Vacuum, Damp cloth, Fabric Brush, Damp Cloth, Dry Towel, Vacuum, Lint roller!

See if this helps and let me know!

oh man i know what its like in those car! The gen5 is my sisters DD now and when i feel nice and clean her car the seats are a B*TCH! Girls = hair. Hair + seat = PIA
you can say that again
ive been driving my SE for a while now, and tyhat fabric is super soft and super comfortable and i love how it looks
however, it attracts lint like a always manages to clean the lint off my dress pants and shirts :lol:
i just frequently vaccum my seats with a powerful vaccum and it cleans them well, but its a PIA to always have to clean them....oh and girls leave their hair everywhere! i have no hair so i dont have that issue :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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