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cleaning the Worst interior I've ever seen

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I purchased a 93 pickup a few weeks ago and after doing the tune up and ball joints and other things. i then turned to the interior. This car had been sitting in a garage for about five years. The inside was completely covered in mold. After spraying half a bottle of degreaser cleaner in the car I scrubbed it down. After a few terrible hours I finally got all the exposed surfaces clean. The seats are still a mess though. I popped the vents out and notice insulation stuck all into them. We then turned the fan on and it was making all sorts of crazy noises. So then we removed it to find that it was packed with insulation and lined with nuts. Something was living in the vents. We then put it back on and had it fil up three more times with nesting material. The whole air system was filled with the stuff. Then we took two air hoses and started to attack the vents and filled the interior of the car with nesting crap. I think we got it all out but now all I want to do is tape up the vents and never use them again. Has anyone had this experience before. Should I go spray the inter interior and vents with bleach now because I probably will.. We were wearing respirators by the way.
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Bleach will work, but I'd use lysol spray disinfectant. And don't be shy. Turn the blower on high at first and just spray it into the inlet in the cowl. Switch to different blower speeds and vent settings while you empty a can (or more).
That should kill most any microbes in there.

As far as cleaning the interior I use spray nine, but top job works good too.

My truck came from a dog owner and was full of dog hair. Everytime I take something else apart I find more hair. Going on 6 yrs now.
If you're going to tape up the vents and not use them, why not just pull them out altogether to save weight?
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