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Clear bra

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No, it's not mine. Hehe. ;)

What I was wondering is if anyone has gotten a clear bra put on their tC and, if much did it cost and does it still look ok?

On another forum I talk on a few people were talking about them. I don't know a whole lot about 'em and I'm wondering if it's worth the trouble.

Any comments on it would be great, thanks!!!
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wow, I've nvr seen that! it's a good idea, but, I'd think that they would get dirty underneath them and not look so great (esp. on white or lighter color paints). I'm curious to know more also........
That's just the's not something you can get dirt UNDER.... From what I can gather, it's almost like a protective paint or something that's applied to the car...not like the normal black bra people think about.

Check out these links, where we've been discussing it...
I saw it on a tC in Miami. It was $1,000 add on and looked great, you cannot see it all untill you get up close to it. ITs a clear tape like stuff. I know they also make it to protect the headlights but it much thicker (16mil) instead of 8mil for the paint surfaces.
does anyone know the manufacturer or any one that sells in Ontario?
3M makes them.......these things have been around for a while.
The cost will depend on what portions of the car you want to cover.
Hi Vince,

Thanks for the reply; do you know of a place that sells this in Ottawa or does one contact 3M directly?
my freind has it on his wrx and loves it, u can barely tell its ther eunless ur staring at it by the lines
Any local tint shop should have it, shop around for pricing.

If you are good at DIY then you can try to apply it yourself, otherwise it is probably best to let the pros do it:) .

Hope that helps.

Had mine done at Toronto location by Mark, the owner, great guy
he did a custom job on my TriXx entire bumber, side mirrors, and Rear Bumper protector as well.

Greater Toronto Area - Ontario Canada (serving the G.T.A.)
Chip Guard of Greater Toronto (GTA)
50 Doncaster Avenue, Unit 11B, Thornhill, Ontario
Appointments ONLY call (416) 407-5489
All Other Enquiries Call Toll Free 1-800-429-5967 GREATER TORONTO OFFICE

[email protected] (Mark Legere)
Here is a few shots of the ride......
Cosmic Chip Guard Protection
Rear Bumper

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