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clear rear corners

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I posted this on the for sale forum but no responses, so I'm posting it here as well.
Since I sold my gen 4 camry I no longer need the clear rear corner lights, they are less than a year old. I'm askin $55 which would include shipping. If anyone is interest let me know.

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There is a for sale section for that btw!

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He has them there too, I think he is trying to advertise them to the gen 4 owners. I really like these I just don't have the money to buy them.

Does anyone know how to clear the inside? Those look awesome and I might try to diy it when I get some free time. Is there also a light layer of tint on them?

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Yes, i do have it posted over in the for sale forum but that is just slow and I haven't had much luck with it in the past. It's for the Gen 4 (97-99). I got them back in march 06 and took them off after thanksgiving. I failed to mention that I have one extra wiring harness to go with them. If you guys know of nay one that wants them let me know.

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JMSinMD said:
I know Jai Jai binks is looking for these. He posts on and
Thanks for the heads up. I'm intrested in them.
1. Condition
2. Are they smoked/tinted

PM or write here and LMK. I'm 100% intrested if the above responces are favorable.
and BTW: DIBS!!!!!
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