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Clicking/Knocking Sound

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Okay, so my 2002 4Cyl, has been making this clicking or knocking sound for the past 2 months, and I cannot for the life of me figure out where its coming from, or what caused it. Its a loud unattractive sound that you only hear while idling or moving at slow speeds. Does anyone have any ideas?

If it helps, I recently had the issue where I disconnected the battery, and had the issue where I could not get the car to run once everything was put back together, later solving the problem by cleaning out my throttle valve. :help:
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Well clicking and knocking are two different problems. the slow speed clicking could be the VVTI operating.does it continue though the rpm range. I also have a 02 2.4 ive been hearing a clicking noise as of late too. im due for an oli change so im going to try adding 1 QT of some lucas oil stabilizer. ill keep you posted with some results.if you dont find an answer.
hope you didnt break a ring land!!! thats a new motor right there if you've been driving with it for 2 months. could be valve tap but im not familiar with the I4's
I Sure hope that isn't the case! but I keep looking and looking and I simply do not even know where to begin to see if i can correct the problem. I'm going to Toyota this weekend for an emissions check, and i'm hoping they could give me a starting place. Ill let you guys know what they say.
well i did my tune up this weekend, oil change with the lucas stabilizer seemed to help quiet the engine noise i was hearing. the engine is more responsive then before so i feel good about i hope that helps you out.
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