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Clicking upon acceleration

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I've noticed a few times lately, when I'm accelerating, from most speeds, when I start to get on it, and the truck is kind of lowering in the back, raising up front, from acceleration, I hear a metallic click or snapping sound. It's not really loud, and it's inconsistent clicking.

I checked underneath, and nothing is hitting the driveshaft, and nothing seems to be loose. The only thing I can think of is my skid plate is kind of loose, but it sounds like its coming from the back. My springs have been squeaky, but it seems to be a different sound than squeaky springs.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this happen, or if they know what it might be. I hope it's just something simple, that I might have overlooked. Any ideas?
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Tranny shifting like crap? My manual has done it since day one in 1st gear.
Sometimes I get this and at about 65 on the freeway I hear a loud bang...

Mine is large gravel stuck in the tire treads and when the tire rotates they "click" against the asphalt. This might not be your fix, but it is somewhere to look. good luck.
I don't think it's stones, or I imagine I would hear it at any speed, not just when I get on it. I haven't really noticed much with the tranny, I'll keep a closer watch on it though.
I had the truck at the dealer. They said it was a universal joint in the driveshaft. I'm just going to order some new ones and install them, since they wouldn't do it. I guess I should have greased it more. :headbang:
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