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clock wont turn off

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i just installed a sony cd player and i hooked every thing up but now the clock wont go off when the car is shut off
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I believe all the auxillary power is shut off to the cabin when the ignition is off and the key is taken out. Perhaps this radio has it's own temporary power?
What clock, radio/CD player, the seperate one in the dash?
Is it only the clock? Does any other light(i.e. airbag light) come on also?
the seperate one in the dash is the one that dosent turn off
Ensure you have the ACC and constant +12V wires are not reversed. When you turn the car off, does the stereo stop playing?
i have a red and yellow tied together that i have runnin through a inline fuse system so i wouldnt blow the radio if i messed up. i will take a picture tommorow to show u what i mean.
That could be the problem. The red and yellow wires are supposed to go to different wires on the car. The radio should already have a fuse somewhere either on the red or yellow wire (don't remember which one it should be on) or on the back of the deck.

Did you use a wiring harness or did you connect it directly to the car by crimping or other means?
The radio should have a built in fuse. Usualy 15A to 30A.
In my '84 camry, the yellow wire is accessory power, only on when the ignition is on, and the red wire is always on power.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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