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Clutch acting up?

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I put an aftermarket clutch from one of the auto parts store at home. I has worked very good except lately. I was messing with my buddy in his S-10 on interstate 421 in NC doing 115. The clutch started to burn. Then the next day I hammed on it in 3rd, It would not come out of gear... I installed a cold air intake on my car after I was done I pressed in the clutch to start it and it had no pressure and stayed on the floor. WTF. Why is is doing this?
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clutch fluid

I have a 6th gen I belive it to be the same , anyway, the clutch is hydrolic and if the system has a leak of any kind and the fluid is low you wont be able to disingage the clutch to change gear. If it is the clutch itself was it the absolute cheapest you could buy, if it was you have now learned your lesson the cheapest stuff doesnt like being abused (its for those sunday drivers) se ya
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