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clutch advice

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hey everyone just got a 94 ST (7a-fe) and its an absolute blast to drive, only one problem, clutch is slipping really bad now, can anyone recommend a "step up from stock" clutch upgrade? i figure since its going to be replaced might as well put something better in, one thing though the car will be driven by the other family members so it cannot be too heavy, im just looking for something thats better than stock, i have been looking around and i found a few online so i am going to keep looking, thank you for any advice!
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imo i'd say go with an ACT stage 2 or something along those lines. upgrade from stock, but nothing too rediculous as far as i know. might want to get some other opinions first, not too knowledgeble when it comes to clutches
its taken care of, i just went with the oem clutch, MAN is it a different car now, i looked at the old clutch and it was messed up lol, i have to completly relearn the clutch now, i sure looked funny backing out of the shop when i let go way to quickly
know what you mean, samething happened to me when i put in a new clutch
You should of gone for an exedy heavy duty, they feel normal but clamp a hell of alot more. I can pretty much kill anything on launch, but due to me having a 5sfe i cant always follow through the whole race :(
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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