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clutch bleeding

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so yesterday I replaced my clutch slave cylinder in my 1993 4cyl truck, and I hope I did it right,
(I just unbolted the old one from the tranny and also from the hydraulic line,,,is that right?)and then I tried to bleed it using a "self bleeder" from the auto parts store---quickly I relized that bleeding the clutch is not much like bleeding brakes because I could not get any pressure(hydraulic) to build up in my system.Where have I gone wrong?What is the procedure for bleeding a clutch?can someone detail it for me or give me a little help.?!please?! thanks!!!:confused: :confused:
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I too am about to do this same procedure (tomorrow, with a friend). The instructions say to depress the piston in the slave all the way, then fill the slave full of brake fluid until air comes out, then install the lines, so as to have some pressure already in the slave? Then install it, hookup lines and get a friend.

Push pedal down, open bleeder valve, close bleeder valve, release pedal, fill resevoir. Repeat 10-15 times is how we normally do it.

I can't wait to do mine, my pedal is really weak right now. Your problem might be from the fact you can open and close the bleeder valve like a 2 man team can. Enlist the help of a "bitch" friend! :)
Alright, Carbon was on the right track. You guys have to bench bleed the master cylinder. If you don't bench bleed the master cylinder, you won't ever be able to bleed all the air out of the system through the bleeder screw. To bench bleed, you'll just put a little brake fluid into the master clinder, hook a hose up to where the clutch line would normally be, run the line back into the cylinder, and submerge it in the brake fluid. Then just use a screw driver, or something, to push in on the cylinder like you were pumping the pedal. When all the air is out of the MC, put it on the truck, hook up the lines, fill it with fluid, and proceed to bleed the system with the bleeder screw. Good luck! :thumbup:
Did mine tonight, and found it just about inpossible to hold the piston in on the slave, add the fluid, THEN install it. I just hooked her up, then bout 3 pedals and the slave had some fluid in it, then the rest the fluid came out the bleeder. The pedal feels so good now. Naturally, it's not as stiff as an 03-04 Cobra pedal...but god damn, I bet nothing is!

I don't think the bench bleed is 100% needed, I got away fine. Feels like it does this summer when bled.

Make sure to run about 2-3 resevoir fulls of fluid through the lines to clean them out. Blowing on the resevoir with your mouth helps push the fluid through. My slave was ungodly terrible. Looked like an oxidized peeny with huge chunks of metal in it, brake fluid leaking everywhere, and weaker then shit.
mines questionable

i bled my system yesterday and it seemed like it took forever to get any pressure built up. I would get some pressure and then start the truck and see if I could change gears, and I could for about 2 minutes....then I kept bleeding and I got enough pressure to drive around the block about 6 times....I hope that did it.....Im gonna try and make my 45min commute today is there is pressure.
All while bleeding, my pedal would go in without any restriction or force acting upon it. Friend would tighten the bleeder all the way, and instance resistance built up. I found it to be weird, but he just said he had closed the bleeder all the way. So if it's not really tight, it's still pushing air out. You have to actually seal the bleeder off inside to get the pressure to jump up.

I drove mine for about 40 mins last night, it was a lot better. Hell, it even did good on the shift from 3rd to 4th at 75, or should I say better then the other day.
I did mine about 2 months ago. Actually i rebuilt it under the truck. I couldn't get the line off the slave so i just unbolted it and pulled it down, put the new piston in and bolted it back up. I did my best to bleed it, had some up in the cab working the pedal while i opened/closed the screw. I thought i had it bled. Now here's what it's doing: i can push it in, clutch works normally but then the pressure goes away and its like im letting the clutch out. I'm not losing ANY fluid whatsoever so im assuming it's air in there somewhere....
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