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Clutch Kit for 4AGE 16v TVIS

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I have the opportunity to have a clutch disc exedy 6puck strong for 350hp and 50kg torque (i think). The diameter is 212mm. So if i want to fit it in my 4age 16v (bluetop) i have to change also the clutch cover, bearing and the flywheel?
Its worth something like that have the hp on the wheels?
How many hp (%) can i pass with this mod (if its possible to counter it)?
If i buy clutch disc, cover, Light Weight Flywheel, and bearing, i think to cost me 1000$AUD
This moment i have TOYOTA OEM parts with clutch disc 200mm(i think)
do you think it worth to fit a clutch kit, flywheel aftermarket (e.x. exedy or toda) with diameter 200mm, there would be a noticeable change?
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hey man, wat sort of ponnies u looking at doing? 350hp is a lot, and putting a puck clutch is doing to make it a pig to drive... I would suggest if its not going to be a race car, which i doubt being a seca... I would not do it..
4AGE flywheels are 200mm, 215mm, or 220mm? not too sure on the last one.
I have put a Extreme standard heavy duty in my AE82 hatch... 4AGE 200mm flywheel. and that seems to hold up fine, although i am only running the 100kw 4AGE, and no real plans to mod..atm

I would sugget keeping to the 200mm flywheel, as ure just going to make more of a headache rebuilding the gearbox to change the clutch cover, and get a slightly lighter one, as too light is not going to give u a lot a top end. and a standard heavy duty clutch kit. that way u get the clutch disc, pressure plate and bearing all together and cheaper..
Up to u with brands, but had a mate from my car club put an extreme in his when he had one and never had a problem, and so far so good with mine.. bout a year had it in there for now. hold power for single pigger burnouts :p, and still some times i stall it, if i'll being too lazy with the

I think my clutch kit cost about $300 AUD
I think lightened flywheel was about $350 AUD???
bare in mind this was about a year ago, and this is through Extreme, and i'm a mechanic for a car dealer so i got a bit of trade discount...:p

Hope maybe i helped..
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You'll never make 350hp/tq on an AE92 unless you swap your motor to something like a 3SGTE (in which case the 4AGE clutch is useless to you) OR unless you turbo that 4AGE and upgrade all internals to handle all that boost and power.

I think the highest powered 4AGE I've seen was around 450hp but it that motor was highly modified.
ok, we forget the clutch disc.
what do you propose flywheel-clutch kit for my engine? Brand? I want to be "transfer" the hp on the wheels.
Can i put from AE92 kit? is it worth?
you could use the Ae92 clutch but you will have to use the flywheel aswell which is better anyways since the Ae92 clutch from a 90-91 HiComp 4ag is lighter then the rest.
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