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I have the opportunity to have a clutch disc exedy 6puck strong for 350hp and 50kg torque (i think). The diameter is 212mm. So if i want to fit it in my 4age 16v (bluetop) i have to change also the clutch cover, bearing and the flywheel?
Its worth something like that have the hp on the wheels?
How many hp (%) can i pass with this mod (if its possible to counter it)?
If i buy clutch disc, cover, Light Weight Flywheel, and bearing, i think to cost me 1000$AUD
This moment i have TOYOTA OEM parts with clutch disc 200mm(i think)
do you think it worth to fit a clutch kit, flywheel aftermarket (e.x. exedy or toda) with diameter 200mm, there would be a noticeable change?

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hey man, wat sort of ponnies u looking at doing? 350hp is a lot, and putting a puck clutch is doing to make it a pig to drive... I would suggest if its not going to be a race car, which i doubt being a seca... I would not do it..
4AGE flywheels are 200mm, 215mm, or 220mm? not too sure on the last one.
I have put a Extreme standard heavy duty in my AE82 hatch... 4AGE 200mm flywheel. and that seems to hold up fine, although i am only running the 100kw 4AGE, and no real plans to mod..atm

I would sugget keeping to the 200mm flywheel, as ure just going to make more of a headache rebuilding the gearbox to change the clutch cover, and get a slightly lighter one, as too light is not going to give u a lot a top end. and a standard heavy duty clutch kit. that way u get the clutch disc, pressure plate and bearing all together and cheaper..
Up to u with brands, but had a mate from my car club put an extreme in his when he had one and never had a problem, and so far so good with mine.. bout a year had it in there for now. hold power for single pigger burnouts :p, and still some times i stall it, if i'll being too lazy with the

I think my clutch kit cost about $300 AUD
I think lightened flywheel was about $350 AUD???
bare in mind this was about a year ago, and this is through Extreme, and i'm a mechanic for a car dealer so i got a bit of trade discount...:p

Hope maybe i helped..

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You'll never make 350hp/tq on an AE92 unless you swap your motor to something like a 3SGTE (in which case the 4AGE clutch is useless to you) OR unless you turbo that 4AGE and upgrade all internals to handle all that boost and power.

I think the highest powered 4AGE I've seen was around 450hp but it that motor was highly modified.
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