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Clutch Pedal vibration after clutch change 96 Camry (sorry for the double )

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Ever since I got the clutch changed at a local mechanic, the pedal has been some what vibrating.

it's like this: At first, as I start to press the pedal down, I get a low frequency buzz, and as I press in more, it goes away and becomes normal. ( Same case when shifting ) This is at idle

I had someone else do it and I put a finger on the clutch fork, it seems to vibrate on it's own at idle with no force applied to the pedal, settles down with the transmission as it's pressed down.

At higher RPMy, I feel a buzz when the pedal is down (on it's way up), ( say, matching engine speed when down shifting )

I went back to the mechanic, he said the pressure plate is strong and the disc is not seated... well... I never heard or encountered such problem before.. but whatever he says...

A few days ago, I had to drive this car through LA traffic, alot of start and go while hauling ton of stuff in the trunk. After that, the clutch seems to be alittle bit better, can't really feel any vibration at idle, still kinda rough around 3-4k rpm. Sometimes better than other.

I bought everything from toyota. Cover is re-manufactured in Mexico, which in my opinion, looked pretty low quality. I told the mechanic to resurface my flywheel.

Is it normal for a new clutch to feel like that? Is a worn engine mount likely to do this? I installed a new aftermarket clutch in my corolla before ( did it myself ), never had this.

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