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Clutch Problem!

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Ok so I had a problem with my clutch having too much loosnes in the pedel and not disengaging entirly. So i figured it was the slave. I went to check it out and it looked as thoe it was severly leaking(had low fluid) so i changed out the slave. Now it's installed (a pain in the butt) i'm try to blead it and pedel to the floor every time. I try opening up the bleader after 15 or so pumps no air only a little fluid comes out. After several attempts the pedal is still to the floor no resistance. It's also not using up any of the fluid in the master cylinder. So could my master cylinder be gone?
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sounds like the clutch master cylender. that would cause a low peddle.
u maybe be right, i went down to advanced auto and told them my problem and gave me the same answer. So I'll be replacing the master cylinder today. I'll post on how it turned out.
Yup. Assuming you know what you're doing with the bleeding, it does sound like a bad clutch master.
well got it to work finaly. after buying a slave and a master all in one fix. It seems like the old master was gone or on the way and realy didn't seem to be need to be replaced, and it was just the means of getting all the air out of the lines with a almost gone master. But, after replacing the master i found it easyer to bleed the line and slave to where it would move and then open up the bleeder and repress the piston back in and bolt it back on. This seemed to help me get rid of the majority of the air. Then ofcourse I gave it a few bleeds and was hitting the road.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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