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Hey all

I have a question for you guys. I don't really know shit about cars except the normal easy stuff. My tercel is a 98, it has about 88 xxx kms on it and I feel like my clutch is slowly going. All summer long, it was acting up, it wasn't slipping but when I was in first gear, it wasn't running smoothly to start but once it was in second, third and over, it was fine. Lately, when i've been stuck in traffic, clutching on and off all the time, it starts to smell like burnt rubber. But it still doesn't feel like the clutch is slipping. Could it really be related to the clutch or something else? Usually a clutch lasts how long, considering I don't do that much driving. Should I be expecting to change it anytime soon?

Any kind of help would be appreciated, sorry for the bad description, my knowledge of cars and explanations about problems is limited! lol

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