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your clutch must of been going for a while and it overheated due to it dragging from lack of release

mine has just been replaced due to that (have a laugh at my web site ... still in infancy at mo so bear with us )

i was greatfull for not damaging owt else tho!

but the your spares are cheaper than ours to rectify the prob!

we have 2 reasons why it fails

generaly it DEAD and nothing could of been done

the clutch is an aftermarket which is thicker so it always dragged when used, this dragging increases heat on the plate etc to which mine turned to cany floss and i lost all pedal(it dropped to the floor at the lights and never came back i had to judge gear changes for 12 miles home)

the above can be cured with an extended clutch rod

i have had them made , to which several guys in the uk use , this and the mod on the cables sorts out the stodgy gear change and drag on the clutch

PM me for more details if interested

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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