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Clutch problems

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Hey guy.

It's bee a while since I have been on TN but I'm replacing my ACT HD 6 puck clutch in my gen2 sw20 and initially I thought It was going to be a simple clutch replacement... Well I see the my friction disc is bend and lost a dampening spring in the hub. That's nothing out of the ordinary but when I went to take the release bearing I noticed the the base of the input shaft has been riding on the friction disc. I have pics attached to show you my problem. My question is, the wear on the base is minimal and I think I can file it down and make is smooth again. Anyone foresee any problems with my solution cuz I don't have the money for a flywheel, clutch kit and new trans.
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Don't see any pics.
By "base", do you mean pressure plate?
Flywheels can be turned if the damage is slight. Not sure if a pressure plate can, but I would think so.
I cant load the pics off of my phone...
What got wore is the surface that the release bearing rides on. It's not much but I don't want to have to buy a new trans or new bellhousing
Just replace the pressure plate assembly , throw out bearing, retaining clip and clutch disc.
Ok Vic you have a damaged "input shaft" on the front of the tranny.

In the Manual Transmission section of your Toyota Service Manual you will see your input shaft and the minimum outer diameter for that specific area. By measuring this (damaged) area with a micrometer you can determine if this shaft is still usable or not. This is how the local Toyota Dealer's mechanic would make his judgment on whether this is serviceable.

It's good to see you were smart enuff to use a spring loaded hub type in your 6 puck disc. That's appropriate for street use and a wise choice. What is not good is where and what was damaged when the spring exited??

As for an (experienced) opinion on what to do.
If the pressure plate is not bent, severely scored or damaged, why replace it?? Ditto for the flywheel.

Of course a new disc is required.
I would suggest if you want to return to that 6 puck race/street design that you must move on to a double spring hub. This type has two springs at each location. One inside the other. It's the next performance level up from what you broke. That's logical.

As for putting that new release bearing on a damaged (resurfaced) input shaft.? There will be very excessive wear as a result and you can expect a very reduced lifetime of the new throw-out (release) bearing. Suggest you use very high temp grease between the throw-out bearing and the input shaft. NOT normal grease. Buy thee best quality throw-out bearing available for your application. Paying extra money for quality is now really important.

It is imperative that when you drive the above repaired tranny that when you hear any noise related to the throw-out bearing that you immediately replace the throw-out bearing, again. Further shaft surface damage will happen very, very quickly.

Best of luck with your repairs.

Mister2 Tim
SupercharZed ToyZ RacZing
South Florida
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