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Clutch question

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This is going to be a tough one to describe but I'll do the best I can.

I just purchased a 2002 extended cab 4x4 TRD Tacoma with 74K miles on the clock. Whenever I start out in first gear and I let the clutch out the way I normally would the truck jumps/jerks, it almost feels like it lunging forward, same things happens when I shift from 1st to 2nd. If let the clutch out extremely slow and I mean extremely slow it's a nice smooth transition.

When its cold like it was this morning Im grinding gears like a mo-fo mostly when I'm putting the truck into 1st gear and when I shift from 1st to 2nd. As the trucks warms up the problem goes away, once I get passed 2nd gear it shifts fine. I called the dealer and beings it's a "Toyota Certified" vehicle its going to be covered by the warranty but I'm sure he's going to say there's nothing wrong with it and try send me on my way.

Has anyone else ever had this problem? If so what was done to fix it?


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Not sure but my 97 reg cab 2.7 is a mofo in 1st and 2nd as well when cold especially. I'd like to hear the answer too...............:eek:
I took the truck to my mechanic before I was scheduled to take the truck into the Toyota Dealership to determine what the problem is. My mechanic test drove it and said it seemed fine to him, so I figured that since I was already near the dealership I'd take it in anyway and just as expected they said nothing was wrong with it.

I just let my nephew test drive the truck to see if he noticed anything different about it, when he put in reverse the rear tires started spinning, it was almost like he popped the clutch, he apologized right away but I told him it wasn't him its the clutch, its like uber sensitive and you really have to baby it. We went around the block he said there was definitely something wrong with it but just like me he couldn't exactly describe what the problem was.

Come Monday morning Im going to take the truck to a dealership thats 10 minutes away from the house, beings it seems to be affected more by the cold and its so close to the house Im hoping they'll be able to determine what the problem is.
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maybe somebody stuck a high performance clutch in it, like a centerforce. i know i've driven a few of them and it seems like it's either on or off, no give at all.
shooter riite about the hp clutches, but the 1st and 2nd being tough in the cold is normal, once mine warms up mine shifts fine its just when its cold. i think its the oil being so thick its not letting the syncros work like theyre suppsed to. the clutch being grabby could be signs of a oil leak, take the stupid dust sheild off the front of the trans and check for oil leaks, or pull off the rubber vent deals on the top of the tranny(its tight squeez but i got my fat arm in there) and check for oil up there. oil on your clutch will make it grabby, just lk eif you got oil on you brakes.

good luck
Thanks for your reply's guys. Not that it means anything but I ran a car fax on my truck and the only maintence shows is the oil being changed every 3000 miles like clockwork. They mustve taken it into the dealer to have it done if they would have taken it jiffy lube or one of those other places it wouldn't show up on car fax. My point is whoever owned this truck before me cared enough about it to take it to the dealership to have it serviced.... not cheap.

I dont think I mentioned this earlier but under normal driving conditions when Im shifting it doesnt go from one gear to the next as smooth as it should, it's like I have apply more pressure to the shifter to get it to go to the next gear. Also, when Im parked and I have to put it into reverse the gears definitely grind, theres been times when I have to put it into first, roll forward a couple of inches than put it into reverse. This doesnt happen all the time I usually end up having to grind the gears to get it into reverse

I talked to a friend of mine and he suggested either the clutch is on its way out or the fly wheel is warped. Thoughts?

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the difficulty getting it into reverse at times is normal-they all do that. i don't understand why he would say the clutch is "on it's way" , flywheel being warped wouldn't make sense either. it's difficult to diagnose without actually driving it, it may be normal operation. let a tech drive it and see what he says.
good luck.
Yeah I think your right shooter... thanks for all your help :)

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