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My clutch has finally taken a crap on me and i am now looking into my options. The last owner claimed that he had replaced the clutch on it at about 130,000mi, it now has 165,000Mi, and I personally have only put maybe 300 miles on it myself. About 2 months ago we overloaded it with dirt at my home, just to transport the dirt from our front yard to the back. Well, not such a good idea. The clutch started to burn badly, so i unloaded it into our Tundra to take it the rest of the way. Ever since then the clutch wasnt like it used to be. Kinda mushy. So i let it go until recently i noticed that the pedal needed pushed down more and more for it to work properly. So the other day i was taking my drivers test and i went to back up to parallel park, and it ground out really bad into reverse and i had a little trouble getting it back into 1st. Then on the way home from the test it had almost no clutch and when i let it out to pull out, it engaged fully after i let it out about 1 inch. (a very rough pull out). So now im stuck at home finally with my liscense but cant drive anywhere because i have barely any clutch left in it. Ive been told it could be the master cylinder, so i checked the fluid level and it is full, but it could be junk as well, but im leaning toward the clutch itself. I was looking at Centerforce I's and Centerforce II's, but have a few questions. The clutch that he put in at 130,000 was i guess stock. If i buy a centerforce, will i need to buy the Centerforce throwout bearing as well, or can i just use the stock bearing. I also found on that my yr truck had 2 diff kinds of clutches. The choices come up as...

1992 toyota pickup L4 2.4L 2366cc, 22RE eng (to 7/92) Size- 8-7/8"
1992 toyota pickup L4 2.4L 2366cc, 22RE eng 4Wd only (from 8/92) Size- 9-1/8"

Now my truck is 4wd, but im not sure about the month thing. Im not sure what month it was made(ill check tomorrow), but what if it was the 1st option and 4wd? Its kinda confusing for me. My mechanic said he cant work on it for another 2 weeks, and i cant wait that long, so i may just have to buy a clutch and get someone else to install it for me, but these are my questions first so i dont spend $250 for a clutch to find it doesnt fit. :lol:
Any of you guys' help would be :thumbup:

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