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I have a 2001 Corolla S with 149,000 miles. Trouble with CEL coming on. Took it to the dealer, they said code p0240 and I needed a new catalytic converter. Put some injector cleaner in it, the code went away. Went on and off for a few months, passed emissions within this time. Now it stays on, I took it to checker, ran a free diagnostic, code said p0171 bank 1 system too lean.

The engine runs rough and is missing, especially when cold. There is also a rattle when you put it in gear. It seams to run better after its warmed up, but there is no power in low RPMs

After doing some research, I cleaned the MAF, inspected all the hoses and exhaust system (no leaks) and ran some seafoam through the engine and gas tank (not the crankcase). I disconnected the battery and the light has not come back on after 30 miles of driving.

The car sounds better, but is still rough/missing and I still hear a rattle. Could the fuel injectors need replacing? I'm also wondering if changing sparkplugs could help (they are original as far as I know)

Thanks much
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