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code # 31 and it had # 24

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1989 22re Ok so ive got a code # 31 I checked the vaf and its within specs according to the Haynes manual, the continuity checks out good as well. I also had a #24 code but it has gone away. I have been working on this for like 2 weeks or so. Its a ranch truck not my daily driver however I do like driving it. No muffler and Swamper tsl's and no registration till it passes smog. I'm to stubborn and cheep to take it to a mechanic. any help would be appreciated
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clean your MAF with Contact Cleaner and check the continuity of your Intake Air Temperature Sensor.

should be as follows
10.000-20.000 @ -4*F
4000-7000 @ 32*F
2000-3000 @ 68*F
900-1300 @ 104*F
400-700 @ 140*F
toytruck89 thanks for the help I have yet to try it however forecast for this weekend looks like good weather to work outside. Thanks again for the insight.
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