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Code for 2000 Sienna wheel sensors

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First of all, my wife's 2000 Sienna XLE is the best van by far, and Toyota is the best at making sure it stays best. Not to knock other brands, but our experience consists of her first van, a 1988 Chrysler top of the line. It was dead at 104,000 miles. Then a Mercury, again, top of the line, It was tinny and handled poorly. Then she got a Montana, and the day we got rid of that was a party day. The Sienna has been great. With 140,000 miles on it, we just drove it from Cleveland to South Carolina, and other than the cruise control not working, it was great.
So I threw myself into the cruise control problem when we got home - after I worked out the cramps in my right leg <grin>.
I jumped the Tc to the E1 terminal on the diagnostic port and it returned a 33. I understand this is failure of the passenger side rear wheel sensor. I understand this would turn on the ABS light and disable the cruise control.
I have two questions:
Am I correct that this is the right rear sensor?
If I were to take it to Autozone, or similar place, would they be able to reset that code so that I could confirm a defective sensor should the cruise control not work or if the ABS light came back on?
Replacing the hub appears to be the only answer if the sensor is bad. I can get this part for $105 and replacement looks like about a it's only a 30 - 45 minute job.
Simple and straightforward, but as a retired person, I need to watch expenses.
Appreciate any help out there.

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