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34 Turbocharger Pressure

The turbocharger pressure is abnormal.

Trouble Area
Air flow meter
Intercooler system
71 EGR System Malfunction
EGR gas temp below predetermined level during EGR operation.
Open circuit in EGR gas temp sensor signal (THG).

Trouble Area
EGR system (EGR valve, EGR hose etc.)
EGR gas temp sensor circuit
EGR gas temp sensor
VSV for EGR circuit
Whoops, My bad. I guess I didn't get all my post into the box before I hit Submit. My first suggestion would be to pull the Main EFI fuse for a half hour, and then see if the codes are still there.

The most common reason for the Cdoe 71, is a loost bolt causing a leak. Most people, however, choost to pick up EGR block off plates and never worry about that system again.

Code 34 is MOST often caused by hitting Fuel Cut Off at over 12PSI. It can also be caused by a large boost leak or the AFM being dead (which will have other symptoms as well (Not a code 71)).

For both codes, they will disappear if the memory is cleard (pulling the main EFI fuse) and will only come back when it's sensing either of those things.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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