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Codes after belt change

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Thanks for the help folks pointing out I had the camshaft pulley on backward after a timing belt change. Next issue is I am throwing a fistful of codes. Engine runs great, drives good, middle temp range but code reader reads. P00016, p0018, po 325. I ran the engine until full warm up without the timing belt cover and all the timing belt Mark's were where they should be. My oil is stp 5w-30. Oil seems to be a common denominator for these codes but is 5w 30 the issue?
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2 match up with the cam position sensor and the 3rd to the knock sensor. Doubt oil is the issue.
A point of commonality: The harnesses are on the transmission side of the engine. I would start by looking for damage to the harness shielding or grounds
Thank you I live in a salt air environment where 95 percent of the 12 volt issues are a bad ground. The timing Mark's being spot on and still throwing codes had me scratching my head.
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