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coilovers have arrived

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finally got my coilovers in after like 3 months. right now i only have pictures of them uninstalled. i'll probably have some more pics in a couple days.

well i started off with tein s-tech on stock struts but after a while i found them unfullfilling. there was too much bouncing around. so i needed something more, but didnt wanna go with a strut/spring setup so i got coilovers. they are pretty pricey but for coilovers they're pretty affordable. let's just say the msrp for these are about 1200 but prices range as usual.

during the install, i ran into a few minor problems. for the rear, i adjusted the camber from the bottom a little too much negative and the wheels rubbed onto the spring. i loosened 2 bolts and pulled on the hub and tightened it back up. now it's got some decent camber without rub. on the front, i matched the total length of the stock strut to the coilovers and bolted it on. it was funny because it lifted up the car about 3.5 inches. i fixed that right up using the adjustment on the bottom of the coilover so it doesn't mess around with the spring's compression. now all 4 wheels are tucked about 1/4 inch into the fenders. imma need to lift it up a little so it doesnt rub on every corner i take.

handling-wise, it takes some time to get used to them. it went from bouncing everywhere, to taking hits everywhere. when i take right turns at like 20+mph, the rear right wheel lifts up. i can't really do this on left turns because they're not as tight as right turns. on sweepers, bodyroll is almost completely eliminated.

only things i can really think of that are weird are that i can't stick my small craftsman jack under the car anymore. i have to roll up on a 2x4 to get jacked up which kind of sucks. now i need to carry a 2x4 with me everywhere. also, unline tein dampers, the adjustments don't "click" on every adjustment made. d2 provides a simple marker that tells you where your adjustment is made. basicly, every full knob turn is equal to 6 points in adjustment.

i think i've said enough. maybe i'll put up some videos of the car's behavior when i have time.
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coilovers = :)

cant wait to see the pictures of how low the car dropped and maybe those videos too

keep up the good works :clap:
cool, can't wait to see the updates!
what a beauty!!! nice colour!!!
I love how those D2 coilovers look.
dust your shoulder off:smokin:

I think I am gonna stick with Tein SS COs

no worries guys. i'm not trying to help promote the product at all. i'd encourage people to go diverse on your stuff that way we can all know the differences.

btw windomes, what made you get rid of your d2's?

Don't know if you heard of this gb done over a year ago. It's been a headache since and in the end nothing was done to fix the problem.

I took off my coilovers after having them on for no more than 2 weeks. I couldn't stand the noise!!! We were told that the oils on the strut caused the noise, d2NA was going to get some replacement parts that never arrived. We were given the run around for a year!!!

This was a warranty issue that d2 ignored so weather the d2's "look nice" or are working for you now, don't expect anything from d2 if something goes wrong with your parts!!
sxlostv1 said:
when i take right turns at like 20+mph, the rear right wheel lifts up.

How do you know your wheel comes off the ground? did you have a friend behind you looking at your car or can you feel it? ive got K-sports (which are the same) and the only time my wheel comes off the ground is when im gong up a steep entrance at like 1mph or less, just curious, im not doubting you or anything.....
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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