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Could I crank these up?

Fox 2.5 Coilover
-2.5" Diameter
-7/8" Shaft
-Coilover Shock
-Fully Rebuildable
-Zinc Plated or Hard Chrome Plated
-Race Proven

Toyota Tacoma Front Kit: 2.0" Coil Overs

Toyota Front Kit: 2.0" Dia Coil Overs
RaceRunner Toyota Coilover Shocks come exclusively from their high performance shock line and offer 0-3" of adjustable lift. These Coilover Shocks come charged with 200 p.s.i. of nitrogen and are fully rebuildable and revalvable. Each Coilover utilizes a 5/8" teflon lined steel spherical bearing and comes complete and ready to install in place of factory coilovers

does anyone know of any cheap coilovers that can be cranked up?
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