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coincidentally solved 1/2 year-long exhaust leak

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So in August, when sophomore year started, my roommate and I bought and installed a TRD Cat-back exhaust. You know those two spring loaded bolts that sealed the gasket between the y-pipe and the exhaust? Well, we never did tighten those down all the way because they always felt like they were gonna cross thread...that was...almost exactly 6 months ago.

Earlier today I had just installed the header from the most recent group buy partially with my roommate (he had to go to crew practice). Anyways, when I started her up, she sounded like a goddam dirt bike, so I was like 'cool, this was the gayest $500 ever'. Drove around a little, and picked up my roommate from practice for dinner. As he came to the truck, he said 'STOP!' and crawled under the truck, cupped his hands loosely around the gasket, and said 'you have a damn leak'.

We took the exhaust and cat-back apart, aligned up the two parts best we could, used a jack to keep the two aligned, and bolted them up super tight. I started my truck up again, no the vibes I have been feeling at take off and low revolutions are gone!!

My mpg is probably gonna rise cuz I've been running around 16 mpg for the last 6 months $$$$$$$.

So my word of advice to ya'll is if you DIY'ed your exhaust, make sure the spring-loaded bolts are tight cuz YOU HAVE A LEAK!!!

Just though I'd share my day with ya'll
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Nice what 02 sim did you buy, or if you installed one? Do you go to santa clara? I'm at SJSU junior transfer.
O2 sim:

Order Description: EPaO Smart2O2 Sim dual channel w/ integrated heaters

Item/Product Number:1303

Yea, I go to SCU, so basically we are right next to each other
Yes, there is a larger diameter ring on the shouldered bolt that you have to force through the flange on the TRD cat-back or it will just flop around.

Marc M
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