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cold air bird intake

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well a few weeks ago i hame a cold air intake for my gen3 camry. i used 4inch drain pipe to make a direct path from my front bar through to my factory 3vzfe air box. the front end of the intake pipe pokes out through the bar (which is an after market item, so i simply removed some mesh and poked it through).

yesturday i was driving home from across town, traveling at about 60-70kph (50mph???) when two birds came darting towards me. one followed that air current over my car whilst the other flew down towards the road....i heard a thud on the front bar!

upon arriving home i inspected my front bumper in fear than it may have cracked. there was no crack but there surely was a dead bird wedged right up inside the intake!!!!! i am assuming that the bird broke its neck upon impact. poor little bugger: :(
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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