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Cold air intake Echo sedan

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Hi there I was wanting to know if anybody knew where I can get a cold air intake for my echo same as the hatchback...
I need it for the Sedan.. Importfest will not let me in because of this. I have all the other mod's but that..
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Why don't you go and buy the AEM clod air intake from the dealer that they sell for the hatchback ?? it's a bold on for sure...

Or buy the K&N one, it is for scion but I sold one to a customer and it fits fine.

Hi guys thank you for your help but I got a ram air intake from weapon R called dragon ram air intake
Cold air intake

Just curious to here about intake, I was looking at same for my 02 Echo. Did you run into any instal issues? How about gas mileage, big drop? How about power, any notice to increase?
cold air increases gas mileage more than it would decrease it...a real cold air would be about a 5-10hp increase..the "ram" air would just give it better flow as opposed to stock..but the hotter air wouldnt really do much for the engine. i'd say maybe 2-4hp increase...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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