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cold air intake for gen 4

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i'm looking for a cold air intake for my gen 4. i check all the forum no luck. can someone please help
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do a search on custom cai
cold air intake

what is cai? i'm new to this
cold air intake

can i mod the gen 4.5 v6 cold air intake?
every body is great here. thanks for the infor
^ yes (assuming you've got a V6. U didn't say)

Another alternative is to get a short ram plus CAI extension pkg from [edit: see below for corrected contact info] It's not listed on their site, but you can email them for details.
I have an Injen intake, w/an CAI extension from UPFD. There is a link for their phone number on The cost for the total package (shipped) from them was like $305. That's a little expensive. Compare prices, and then decide. Maybe URD can save you money. Check around.
my bad. I thougt it was URD not UDFD because I saw Joe over at SG post about it.

Call Matt at Under Pressure Fabrication Design (714) 890-5153 to order between 9am-6pm M-F PST.
Yeah that's UPFD.
cai question

i have a i4. thanks so much for all the help.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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