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cold air intake

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hey. i just got my 1999 corolla ve about a month ago and i'm new to this whole thing. i understand a cold air intake will boost my horsepower and torque. my pops wont let me intall it though unless i find a legal one that will pass smog testing. yeah i know, lame. but that's what i gotta deal with. are all cold air intake systems illegal? if not, do you know what brands are legal and good?
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what brands do you recommend? injen..uhhm thats the only one i know of..see? i'm new at this..waaaaay new..
I see that your from California.

In order for the intake to pass smog it has to be CARB approved (has a CARB EO number).

Otherwise just reinstall the stock intake when its time for smog check.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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