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Hey just joined thr forum, needed some advise. I belong to various scooter (Vespas)forums for tech issues and need it for my 2001 Sienna it finally is starting to act up.

I also have a 1988 PU with 232K and never needed to ask a question about that.

Thats what I get for buying a new vehicle with bells and whistles that break.

My question is when I started the van this morning the VCS and traction control (TRAC OFF) lights stayed on and the traction control would not work (snow on road). Turned the car off started again and lights reset and controls worked. Drove a mile or two and lights came on again, same issue.

Read that thsi could be weak battery (i have original still), loose gas cap (havent checked) and also sensor issues could be involved.

Its like 0 degress and I am leaning towards the battery.

Any advise would be appreciated because going to the dealer and have them just replace parts isnt fun.

Thanks in advance.
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