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Hi Gang:

I hope that someone out there can solve this problem . On the very first start up of the day, my 84 Cressida is very difficult to get it running! It usuallly takes 12 attempts to get it to start.

Today I replaced the cold start time switch but to no avail. In the past I played with the cold start time switch by disconnecting it and applying 12 volts to each side of the connector. When 12 volts were applied to the one side, one could hear the cold start valve click each time voltage was applied. Wnen voltage was applied to the other side, and the key turned to the run position, the car would start right up!! What causes this?

I would like to know how to remedy this problem. I could always put a n.o. push button on the connector and startt the engine that way but that would be so bush league.

Any auggestions?



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Hi, zeke, you may know me from the Cressida Forums ;)

I'm not sure as to the solution to this problem, but perhaps some Supra owners could shed some light on this, assuming parts are shared.
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